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Medical device regulations in Israel

Medical device regulations in IsraelIsrael is the largest device market in the Middle East - US$885 and growing at an annual rate of of almost 5%. The country has an extensive medical network and high doctor-to-patient ratio, both reflected in a low infant mortality rate and high life expectancy. Distribution of medical conditions and trauma is comparable to the EU and USA.

Export.gov maintains a good summary of Israeli device regulations. All medical devices, including biologics, must be registered with Israel's Ministry of Health (IMOH). From a translation perspective, medical devices must have Hebrew labeling stating country of origin, name and address or the manufacturer, name and address of the Israeli importer.

Israel is also home to some 900 life science companies, ranging from medical technology start-ups to generics powerhouse Teva Pharmaceuticals. Because of the country's small size, most of these companies are totally focused on exports. Quoted in an article on ISRAEL21c, David Grey, CEO of device company Truphatek & Veinomed, said that the country's strength in development comes from its "ability to mix and match various engineering and medical science disciplines to produce 'uniquely clever ideas.'"

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