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Measured translation quality - a paradigm shift

A common perception about quality is that it is expensive. To increase quality, you need to add to the project process steps. The common approach has been to add process steps and quality checks to improve on delivered quality.

How much value are additional linguistic steps adding? How can this be quantified? Is an editor adding or detracting from the quality? Why are so many errors being caught at the tail end of the project, and how can a language-service provider (LSP) systematically reduce these and drive quality upstream? How do you know the quality of the products being delivered, other than knowing that standard translation processes have been followed?

We've been able to realize a savings of 23% and more in cost and turnaround time by utilizing a measured quality system called METRiQ. The data generated from METRiQ is used to identify improvement needs, and to measure improvements and efficiencies. Improvement opportunities are identified both from a corporate level, down to the account and project levels.

Read more about how measured translation quality works at our web site.

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