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Helpful tool: FeeWizard

FeeWizard helps convert between different approaches to charging for translation servicesAs anybody who has ever compared translation quotes knows, there is no standard for pricing translation services. Various translation service providers in various parts of the world charge by word, by character (with or without spaces), by line, by page, by hour - and all of these can be expresses as either source or target units.

All of these approaches make it difficult to compare competing proposals, in part because the conversion depends to a large degree on the language combination. For example, converting per-word to per-line rates for a language that contains a lot of long words should be different than converting prices for a language with generally short words.

The German-language Über-Setzer-Logbuch blog pointed out a great solution: the FeeWizard tool from AMTrad. It currently can be used for converting translation rates between 11 European languages. Check out the FeeWizard - it's a very useful tool!


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