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Working with Japanese affiliates

Working with Japanese affiliates poses unique challenges for pharmaceutical and medical device companiesMany medical device and pharmaceutical companies that do business in Japan rely on their Japanese affiliates to handle the creation of regulatory documentation due to language and cultural considerations and the complexities of Japanese regulations. A problem with this approach is that often the US-based companies then don't know exactly what was submitted to the government, which can have serious implications.

We have found that Japan regulatory translations require a unique process, whereby content is created in the US, translated here and then edited and finalized in Japan. This process requires cooperation from the US headquarters, the translators, as well as the Japanese affiliates. It ensures that the English and Japanese versions stay consistent and that there are no questions about what is submitted. It has the side benefit of building cross-cultural teams, where both parties focus on their core competencies.

Do you have any other tips and tricks for streamlining work with Japanese affiliates?

ForeignExchange Translations provides specialized medical translations for regulatory submissions, labeling, and safety reports - in Japanese and dozens of other languages. Contact us to find out more.

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  1. Mark Stafford said...
    We pay a lot of attention to building rapport between our translators of different nationalities and this pays dividends in the long term. I was interested to hear about the issues you have with medical translation.

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