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Why aren't there more partnerships in the medical translation field?The article called Strategic Partnering: Turning Suppliers Into Partners over at Duct Tape Marketing got me thinking: How come we don't see more of this in the medical translation space?

There sure is plenty of opportunity for partnering. Most pharmaceutical and medical device companies have much to gain - and much to offer - in these kinds of partnerships. For example, the example given about trading expertise for productivity certainly holds true in our business. Most medical device and biopharma companies have much more experience in areas such as quality systems or statistical analysis and could trade this expertise for improved service from medical translation suppliers.

Similarly, freelance medical translators and single-language vendors would benefit from partnering with multi-language vendors: Training and expertise regarding technology and sales, for instance, could be traded against the oportunity to enter a new market through an "affiliate" or through enhanced services in that geography.

These kinds of partnerships would be easy to establish and maintain. The partners would not have to invest vast sums or commit extensive resources. So, what gives? Why aren't there more partnerships in our space?

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