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How to streamline in-country reviews

How to to streamline in-country reviews of translated textsWe recently pronounced that 90% of in-country reviews are a waste of time.

Vacation schedules, internal politics, and miscommunication across time zones make translation in-country reviews an expensive and time-consuming process. Nevertheless, in-country reviews remain a reality for many medical device companies. How should these companies go about streamlining their in-country reviews?

At ForeignExchange, we have found that more and more clients improve their in-country reviews - by having somebody else do them. And for those device companies that aren't quite ready to outsource their reviews, a process we call R.E.V.I.E.W. optimizes in-country reviews:

R esearch and understand the situation between the client, the reviewers, and the vendor

E valuate the nature of overseas office (i.e., technology, staffing, capabilities)

V isit to build personal relationships

I nvolve reviewers in the development of translation and review processes

E nable the technology - upgrade local hardware and software for electronic reviews

W atch for opportunities to improve the process

Proper planning, communication, vendor relations, and a good R.E.V.I.E.W. allow technical writers to improve translation turnaround times, reduce translation costs - and it may even help avoid a few headaches. Happy reviewing!

ForeignExchange Translations provides outsourced third-party reviews and specialized medical translation services to medical device companies.


  1. Marta Stemberger said...
    In addition to the above stated, I would strongly urge the clients that the in-country reviewers be required to explain their proposed changes for several reasons:
    1 - Explanations help weed out the subjective and not necessary changes before they are even made.
    2 - Adding explanations to the changes may take more time for the Reviewer but would save time to all others involved in the process down the line, and thus reduce the cost to the client.

    It may be redundant to add, but verify that the in-country reviewers are actually native speakers of the target language.

    Take care,

    Marta Stemberger, MA
    Arinna Inc Language Services
    Specializing in South Slavic Languages
    Anonymous said...
    I would like to add that I find the prima donna attitude of some in-country reviewers most unhelpful. We are the ones they engaged to provide professional linguistic services; they should be supporting us solely from a, say, "end product" perspective. They have to understand the final chosen word for a term in the source is not a tug-of-war. We're collaborating rather than competing; we are both advisers in different aspects and at different stages of the localisation of their product.

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