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New book: Learning Machine Translation

Learning Machine TranslationCyril Goutte, a researcher in the Interactive Language Technologies Group at the Canadian National Research Council's Institute for Information Technology, sent me an email a couple of days ago, announcing the release of his new book: Learning Machine Translation (Neural Information Processing).

The book looks first at enabling technologies: technologies that solve problems that are not machine translation proper but are linked closely to the development of a machine translation system. These include the acquisition of bilingual sentence-aligned data from comparable corpora, automatic construction of multilingual name dictionaries, and word alignment.

The book then presents new or improved statistical machine translation techniques, including a discriminative training framework for leveraging syntactic information, the use of semi-supervised and kernel-based learning methods, and the combination of multiple machine translation outputs in order to improve overall translation quality.

It seems like an interesting read. Has anybody purchased and read it yet?

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  1. Jeff Allen said...
    Well, another MT geek book on the market. Not enough of the non-geek, human understandable written books for people to make business focused decisions about MT. Maybe I should get around to writing those handbooks/practical books that I drafted outlines for several years ago. Jeff (Andres, didn't you nickname me the Godfather of MT a few years ago. :) )

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