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Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian share common origins in Serbo-CroatHow different are these languages?

Having a common root in Serbo-Croat, the three languages are very similar. Compared to Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian have developed a little further. These languages have acquired (invented, actually) new words and phrases. There are also some grammar, style and vocabulary differences between them.

The need to be seen as different languages is primarily political in nature. Speakers of the different languages understand each other in every way, and there is no need for any translations between these languages.

The language group is sometimes referred to as "BSC" (for instance, in the Hague tribunal - see this example). Some say that the languages differ even less than various versions of English (e.g., British versus American English).

UPDATE: In honor of International Mother Language Day, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty ran an interesting article on this same topic.

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  1. Dragan Palla said...
    It's also a fact that in former Yugoslavia were Slovenian, Macedonian and Kosovo languages and it was quite impossible for Croats, Serbs and Bosnians to understand their compatriots.

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