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Do no harm

Do no harm is an important concept in medical translationHere is a good example to show that translations of device labels are some of the most important and risky work we do.

Dotmed reported on a story of two employees of a medical device manufacturer receiving prison terms for falsifying labels and quality records. While translators won't willfully make mistakes, the story is a good reminder of what can happen if, for example, a product is labeled "sterile" when it shouldn't be.

The scary thing is how easily something like this could happen. While translation memories are great tools, the discussion around our recent entry on whether or not to review 100% TM matches shows that there is real concern about a small but hugely important mistake getting through.

ForeignExchange Translations provides specialized medical translations for medical device IFUs, operating manuals, and product labels.

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  1. José M. Montero said...
    Yes, the problem is that many (more and more everyday) translation agencies DO NOT want to pay for that range of words any more, so what can we do, freelancers...spend our time revising 100% when they are not paid? No my dear, YOU the agencies must convince your own end-customers to be aware of the risks they are taking with that decision.

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