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Translation budgeting: How to do more with lessBefore going dark, the Better Localization blog had a good post on How to make localization cheaper. Once you get beyond the title, the list of 19 concrete, actionable, and sensible recommendations should be a must-read for any buyer of medical translation services.

Not all of the recommendations are applicable in every situation. However, there is food for thought there. For instance, I like the suggestion to use machine translation. While we're a far way from replacing quality human translation services, the fact is that machine translation has a role to play. In the right environment, with the right up-front prep work, and with appropriate quality controls, machine translation can streamline the translation process.

Similarly, I agree with the emphasis on technology. When it comes to leveraging technology to improve translation processes, drug and device manufacturers are far behind software publishers and car manufacturers. Clinical research translations are often completed by site staff, without the use of any technology beyond a computer for typing. Similarly, few tech pubs organizations have invested in tools to improve authoring or tying writers' work with translation memories or integrate their content management system with translator's systems. And speaking of translation memories, many companies still do not understand (let alone manage) TMs.

These kinds of inefficiencies inevitably lead to higher costs. Will the current economic crisis force drug and device to become savvier about getting value for their translation spend?

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