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Single fonts for Chinese and Japanese software?
A recent discussion on nelocsig focused around the question of "is there one Unicode font that can be employed for Simplified & Traditional Chinese and Japanese software?".

Interestingly, there was no consensus on whether or not it is advisable to use a generic font like Arial Unicode MS. Even the Unicode Consortium is a bit wishy-washy on the subject: "Using a single font for all four locales allows the characters to be legible, but means that some characters may look odd."

Most experts agree that if you want your device to look like you have created your software for a specific country, you should use fonts for specific languages. Microsoft maintains a list of Vista fonts for each language. TranslationDirectory.com recently featured a good article on software localization for medical devices.

The revised Medical Device Directive considers software o be part of the device. As a result, manufacturers are increasingly grappling with the need to support non-English languages in the established markets of Europe and Japan and the fast-growth market of China.


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